Lhasa Apso Breeding Programme

The following article by Kerstin Handrich represents the first comprehensive document of the eight year history (1995-2003), of the "Tibetan Line" Lhasa Apso breeding programme which was incited by the German Traschi Deleg kennel (Gerti Bracksieck & Kerstin Handrich), then officially registered by the KTR and jointly conducted by a group of dedicated breeders.
The "Tibetan Line" (TL) project stands for the ambitious undertaking of systematically identifying, introducing and integrating authentic-type Apsos from the Himalaya region into old authentic-type Ado bloodlines from the USA. After the KTR board, being in charge of running the KTR stud book policies (officially recognized by both, the German Kennel Club/VDH and the Federation Cynologique Internationale / FCI) has approved the project in September 1995; an exciting experiment began and - thanks to the devotion of its supporters - could be successfully accomplished.

Focus of the programme was the re-connection of the modern Lhasa Apso with its authentic type, its native fitness and its original mindset. The "Tibetan Line" project in Apsos exemplifies the mission of the KTR (as the world's oldest breed club for all Tibetan breeds) to actively promote the understanding & preservation of true type and true confirmation. 

Based on the breeding regulations, the KTR board is open to officially evaluate and sanction "Tibetan Line" activities in all Tibetan breeds.
C. H
KTR Reporter 1/2003
chu chu princess
chu chu princess
IN 1992 at the KTR Club Winner Show, Gerti Bracksieck and I came to meet Inge Panitz, her husband and their little Lhasa Apso bitch Chu-Chu, whom they had brought back from Bhutan. Chu-Chu was of exquisite breed type and awoke our interest in the possibility of incorporating additional dogs from the Himalayans regions, to support the preservation of correct Apso type in the breed. Our ideas were supported by the KTR board and we proceeded to develop the TL breeding program. Tibetan Line (TL) is a pure line of Tibetan Apsos consisting of imports from Himalayan regions bred exclusively to dogs of Tibetan heritage. Each dog was checked before breeding by two KTR Tibetan Breeds Specialist Judges and, after their approval, were recommended for registration in the KTR studbook.

Foundation dogs:

1 - Bhutan imports
- Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa, golden bitch, breeder: the Bhutanese Royal family.
- Kunga Dendrup "Balu", sable dog, breeder : Rinchen Om
- Rinzin, party-coloured bitch, litter sister to "Balu", never used for breeding
- Tsering, white bitch, breeder unknown, never used for breeding

2 - Imports from Canada
(pure line of dogs imported by Gerald D'Aoust in the 80's from Tibetan refugees and descendants of Apsos bred in Drepung monastery, Tibet)
- Lungta, grey-silver bitch, breeder G.D'Aoust.
- Pato, grey dog, breeder: G. D'Aoust.

3 - Pure Tibetan lines from USA
- Kai-la-Sha Kumquat, red bitch: breeder C. Marley.
- Fu-Kao Ink Street, dark red sable male: breeder: K. Olsen

4 - Straight Hamilton from USA
- Sharil Justifiable, light golden dog, breeder: C. Jazwick & A. Andrews
- Sharbo Senge, dark red sable dog, breeder: S. Rouse-Bryant.
- Taz Dakota Sunset, light golden dog, breeder: B. Smith.
- Sharil M.I.B., black and tan dog, breeder: C. Jazwick & A. Andrews.


pokhara balu
pokhara balu


Lhasa Apso Litters of Tibetan Line Program (TL): Overview

In 1994:
- Fu-Kao Ink Street X Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Tongsa Chu Ani-la (TL) b, Tongsa Chu Ashi-la (TL) b.

In 1995:
- Kunga Dendrup X Kai-la-sha Kumquat: 2/2
Kept for breeding: Traschi Deleg V Dochu-la (TI) b, Traschi Deleg V'Rezin (TL), b.

In 1996:
- Katu X Lungta: 1/1
Kept for breeding: none.
- Sharil Justifiable X Ashi-la Tongsa Chu (TL),: 2/2
Kept for breeding: Sangha Chu-Chu v. Trisong (TL), b.

In 1997:
- Sharil Justifiable X Traschi Deleg V'Dochu-la (TL) : 2/1
Kept for breeding : Bhotiya Uma (TL), b.
- Kunga Dendrup X Lungta : 1/2
Kept for breeding : Traschi Deleg Chenrezi (TL) d, Traschi Deleg Chomolari (TL), b.
- Pato -XTraschi Deleg V'Rinzin (TL) : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Kushog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), d. Khadoma Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khand (TL), b.

In 1998:
- Sharbo Senge X Ani-la Tongsa Chu (TL) : 4/2
Kept for breeding : Sin Padma Wang Tsu (TL), d. Sin Padma Wang-mo (TL), b.
- Sharbo Senge X Traschi Deleg V'Dochu-la (TL) : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Bhotiya Valentin (TL), d. Bhotiya Vashti (TL), b.
- Sharbo Senge -XSangha Chu Chu (TL) v. trisong : 2/3
Kept for breeding : W'Asanga-Chu (TL) v. Trisong b.

In 1999:
- Sharbo Senge X Traschi Deleg V'Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : Njilam Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.
- Kushog Traschi Deleg v.Lu-Khang X Ashi-la Tongsa Chu (TL) : 1/0
Kept for breeding : none

In 2000:
- Taz Dakota Sunset X Traschi Deleg V'Dochu-la (TL) : 2/1
Kept for breeding : none
- Taz Dakota Sunset X Khadoma Traschi Deleg v.Lu-Khang (TL) : 3/1
Kept for breeding : Traschi Deleg Gyalmo-la (TL) b.
Kushog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) X W'Asanga-Chu (TL) v. Trisong : 4/1
Kept for breeding : none
- Traschi Deleg Chenrezi (TL) X Ani-la Tongsa-Chu (TL) : 1/7
Kept for breeding : Sin Padma X'Bhara Chakra (TL), b.

In 2001:
- Bhotiya Valentin (TL) X Tongsa Chu-Ashi-la : 1/0
Kept for breeding : none
- Taz Dakota Sunset X Traschi Deleg V'Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : Simba Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) d.; Shimi Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) b.: Shim-tru Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.

In 2002:
- Sharil M.I.B. X Traschi Deleg V'Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : V'Sandur Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), d.; V'Metog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b. : V'Tara-lu Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.

Of 19 litters with 80 puppies, 25 were kept for breeding

Kerstin Handrich
Extrait KTR REPORTER 01/2007




w'asanga chu
w'asanga chu
For more explications about this work,   look in the website :
Lhasa Apso Kennel Von TRI SONG    http://www.lhasa-apso-kasu.de/

In June 2002,
Pokahara Balu X W'Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri Song : 2/2

Chaaya leave in Germany with Suzanne Borchert, Chimi-Chu in Swizzera, and we are picked up the puppy Chang-po-Chu and Cha-tri-Chu in October 13th*of this year..........

In November 2002
*Kushog Trashi-Deleg (TL)von Lu-Khang X W'Asanga-Chu (TL)von Tri-Song :
Keep for breeding :
Dza-Ti-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song (female)

2004 :

Traschi-Deleg Chenrezi (TL) X V'Tara Lu Traschi-Deleg (TL)von Lu-Khang : 5/2
Keep for breeding : Pokahra H'Chimo (TL) male & Pokahra Ha-na Honi-La (TL)  (female ) - breeder Claudia Todt

Then in 2005, we are returned to see Mrs Karin Acker, and she takes us Dza-ti-Chu, a very funny girl. His brother Dorje-Ling-Chu leaves in Acker's family. We have the pleasure to see egaly other brother of Dza-ti-Chu born in 2000: Wang-Po-Chu

2007 :

12-2007 Dza-Ti-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song X B'Fô de la Garde Adhémar ( French Tibetan) :0/ 1
Keep for breeding : C'Princess-Chu TL des Cyres de Gelukpa

She leaves at home with her mother Dza-ti-Chu & our family

2009 :

09-2009 Kushog Trashi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL) X Pokhara Ha-na Honi-la (TL) :0/1
Keep for breedin : Pokhara Nertalina (TL)


cha tri et dza ti le 22 04 2007
cha tri et dza ti le 22 04 2007
chang po et shonnah
chang po et shonnah
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