Following notes concerns the work in France with 2 dogs from Sikkim and Nepal owned by Mrs Hélène Masset Kennel of La Garde Adhémar (notes by Frédérique Chancel Kennel Cyres of Gelukpa extracts from her kennel notes)

The 4th of June 2003 a small female, named Pema, arrived from Sikim, she was appr. 6 months old, for several periods she came to our kennel ; she was confirmed at the exposure at Pierrelatte in 07/2004.( initially as imported)

•·Dharmapala Changpo is a male dog that arrived from the kennel of Mr Gerald d'Aoust in Canada, who brought much joy to the Tibetan congregation in Marseille. He was given as a gift to his holiness Rinpoche by Mrs and Mr De Zarobe.

• Changpo was confirmed in 03/2006 ( initially as imported and qualified excellent)

From this first step, Mrs Hélène Masset started, with the help and support of Mrs Yolande De Zarobe and Prof. Denis as a consultant , her preliminary study, trying to return to the authentically type of the original Lhasa Apso.

•·2006 :

Dharmapala Changpo was mated to Pema, they had 3 males and 2 females. They were all kept in the kennel and were named as follows:

Boddhi male grey
B-Fô male grey
B-Gunga-Dim male golden
B-Tsering female golden
B-Gautama female black

Same year and nearly at he same period Changpo was mated to Pivoine de la Valley aux Mille Fleurs (European line). Two males and a golden female were born.

B-Tao male red belongs to the Family......
B-Tashi golden male was given to a Tibetan family
B-Pemala golden female kept in the kennel.

•·2007 :

07/2007 B-Fô (Tibetan blood line) matted with U-Tujita (European blood line) =2M&1F ; one male Chang-po-Love to Mrs Kernabon.

B-Fô (Tibetan blood line) matted with Pivoine de la Valley aux Mille Fleurs (European blood line) = 4M&2F ; one male goldenC-Sikim given to the breeder Anne  Marie Martinez -Pasquier, and one male golden to Mrs Beaumont, 1 male Chopel to Mrs Devise, 1male Chokhy-Nyima at the kennel, and 1 female Caruna to Mrs Kernabon.

Dharmapala Changpo is matted with Pema = 3 males (none were kept)

Dharmapala Changpo is matted wit B-Pemala (Dharmapala Changpo X Pivoine). Four females were born; 2 females had a fur-compared to astrakhan fleck and keep the name Astrak.
A grey female called Chöpa spend 8 months at our kennel to be socialized and then rejoined her olden sister Cimba Dzum Tibet at Mrs Nadine Kernabon.

10/2007 B-Fô is matted to our Dza-Ti-Chu TL Von Tri-Song (co-owners Karin Acker kennel von Tri-Song and Frederique chancel Kennel Cyres of Gelukpa).

Notes: we.......to cross the 2 lineages French and German to give supplementary Tibetan genes with the line of Princess-Chu-Chu of Tongsa from Bouthan......................

In December 2007 a golden female was born and kept by Mrs Frederique Chancel Kennel Cyres of Gelukpa in agreement with Karin Acker Kennel von Tri-Song and Hélène Masset Kennel of  Garde Adhémar.

b fo mars 2007 dans notr jardin des cyres
b fo mars 2007 dans notr jardin des cyres
•·2008 :

04/2008 B-Fô is matted at B-tsering = 2M & 1F. The female DEESSE is given to Mrs Mylène Devise.

08/2008 B-Fô is matted at B-Gautama = 2M&2F, One female D-Tsegua is given to Mrs Carmen Kramarz

11/2008 B-Fô is matted at B-Tsering = 2M2F, one female Dalai-Divine is given to Mrs Annette Morin Kennel Khaling Chu  and one female Ekajati is given to Mrs Juanita Zinsner Kennel Val de Kyichu.


•·2009 :

09/05/2009 B-Gunga-Dim is matted at Vanilla du Domaine de Ranguin to Mrs Joelle Nambotin-Gobbi = 1M3F - kept in kennel 1 female Euga du Domaine de Ranguin
17/06/2009 B'Fô is matted at U'Tusita = 1 male E'Xérès-Chomolari to Mrs Baal,
07/2009 B-Fô is matted at B-Gautama = 4 pups and one female E-Indira-Dechen is given to Mrs Sylvie Baal & one female E-Lhasa is given to Mrs Zinsner
             B-Fô is matted at B-Tsering = 4 pups and one male E-Pema-Wangyal is given to Mrs Carmen Kramarz & one female E'Sonam is given to Pia breader in Finlande.



•·2010 :

09/01/2010 Senmuchu a golden female arrived to the mountain Himalaya (Prefecture autonomy Tibetan de Kanze - Sishuan).
An other step................................

02/03/2010 Boddhi matted at Gauthama =3M&3F :
                     one male grey is given to Mrs Annette Morin Kennel Kaling Chu,
                     one male sun Fhatso-Ma-Bodhi,
                     one male grey Fhanor-Ma-Bodhi,
                     one female Fhalam to Sonia,
                     one female Fhotcham,
                     one female grey Fhurna to Mrs Kernabon.


10/04/2010 B'Fô matted at Senmunchu = 2 pups one grey male  & one golden female

F'Jamyang de la Garde Adhemar (male)
F'Caruna de la Garde Adhemar (female)

A new time.........

27/09/2010 B'Fô matted at U'Tusita de la Garde Adhemar= 1 pup F'Yang Teul du Domaine de Ranguin kept at kennel Domaine de Ranguin

23/10/2010 Drugpa matted at Tsering = 2M & 1F


2011 November

a new female SIKKA , a golden female arrived to the mountain Himalaya

For more information on the work started by Mrs. Helene Masset, I invite you to consult the site of Mrs. Yolande De Zarobe and that of Mrs. Helene Masset     




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